Extraordinary Life by Design’s purpose is about self discovery, learning to love yourself  and beat the odds. Love yourself when no one else does, when life has given you lemons, life has abandoned you.  I believe that we must look at ourself in the mirror, learn from our life lesson, to heal and know just how valued you are.  Don’t we all want to be free from our mind battle, to live an extraordinary life?  Come on this journey with me, let’s discovery and love ourself and each other.

Susan Furdek,  has lived a life time full of abandonment, she was abandoned even before she was born.  “Abandonment” should be her middle name.   Abandonment comes in many forms, some are in disguise but if you look at the root you can find it, then process it, learn from it and heal, allowing yourself to love once again, gain trust, most of all able to have self love.

She is passionate about helping other discover how worthy they are, how loved they are regardless of abandonment.  When you can heal and love yourself you can have an extraordinary life by design, your design.

Connections are a priority, you are not alone on this journey, you may have been abandoned but you are loved.  Connect with me, use the  Contact Us page to tell me more of what you want and need to love you through life.



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