Christmas Proposals

This blog I’m about to write might really make some people mad, they may never follow me again.  Then again, maybe I get some response and learn something from another persons point of view that I just couldn’t see.  I am not saying I am right on this issue…

I am not here to steal anyones joy, this is simply my perception and my standards.

Maybe I am jaded on this issue, since I haven’t had many successful relationships.  So, please read this blog with a grain of salt and don’t be personally offended because everyone has a different story and this is just my opinion…you know what they say about opinions.

This morning I was just scrolling through social media and it happens to be the day after Christmas. I start seeing all these post of she said “Yes” and proudly showing off those beautiful rings.  Yikes, I think I just threw up in my mouth.  Jealous, not at all…ring pretty “Yes”, what girl doesn’t like big, bright, sparking diamonds but I want to know if  your being blinded by all that bling?

Now, I think these ladies deserve better.  I think a proper proposal deserves a spotlight all of its own and shouldn’t have to share the moment with a holiday.  These men are getting off easy!  It’s like a double bang for their buck… a two for one gift.  Don’t these ladies deserve more?  They look so happy showing off that sparkling ring which is as sparkling as their smile…but will that smile last?  Do they even realized in that moment, that man’s motive was killing one bird with two stones?  Hell, maybe he didn’t even think of it that way because so many women what it so bad that everyone is blinded by the thought.

I think, if someone really cherishes you, truly cherishes you, they will go out of their way to make it special.  I don’t think they would want Christmas lurking in the background.  Christmas is pretty special all on its own.

Okay, I know I might be a little harsh on this issue but we need to value ourselves and raise our standards because we deserve better than settling on sharing this special moment with Santa.

What about the women that have been waiting for that moment, maybe for a long time?  Some women have been ready for a while to be married, but he wasn’t close to saying “I do”.  Is this really the Cinderella moment you were waiting for?

Then the real question is, how long do you wait and when is it right?

Is life passing you by?  Does it seem like you are always waiting for someone?  It’s all in the timing, who’s timing is that?  Why do women keep waiting for someone that is not on the same page and ready?  Are they waiting for someone else’s timing?   Is the time really right, if you been waiting for a long time?

Men, have no clue!  Women wait, then they wait so long that they don’t care anymore, that moment will not ever be as magical when she was initially ready.  She will try to get passed it but all along, that feeling will nag at her trying to figure out why she wasn’t worthy of being swept off her feet without any doubts.

Men, if you are reading this…just a word of advice.  If you truly love her, you will move without hesitation.  If you don’t let her go and don’t make her wait until  she doesn’t care anymore, she will become numb and start to build a wall so that you can’t disappoint anymore.

I just have to wonder, did these ladies got caught up in the Christmas engagement proposal excitement moment and said “Yes” without really thinking about it?  Where is that path going to lead them in the future?  Is this how you dreamed about it?  Is that how you envisioned that special moment shared between two, or many?

Look, I’m not trying to upset anyone or break up an engagement…it just makes me sad because you are a beautiful person that deserves for the man of your life to make that moment special, all about you and your future together.  You should not have to share your spotlight with Ole Saint Nick.  This is not how you get brownie points, at least not in my book.  You should be loved and cherished so much that when that moment happens it is forever engraved in your heart and memory.  Love is greedy and doesn’t share and shouldn’t have to in this moment.

I know my views are strong on this issue, I think there is a magical moment, and when that moment happens there is a very small window to capture it.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it don’t.  The question is should anyone settle?

On the other hand…maybe my view is wrong!  Yes, some of these feelings are from my own life experiences  and many of us share commonalities so maybe someone will relate to my blog or explain to me what I am missing.  Maybe I am not seeing clearly and  I am missing something that is magical. It just doesn’t make sense in my head, how Christmas and proposals go together.   Then again, maybe it’s the fault of all the holiday advertising from the jewelers that give the men the green light.

But if you love Christmas and it is your favorite thing in the world…then just maybe this moment was special enough for you.  Maybe the mistletoe didn’t disappoint you!  If so, congratulations to you and your new journey, your Happily Ever After!

You’re not alone, you are beautiful!


The Girl that was Abandon

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