Jekyll and Hyde, Let Me Introduce You to My Second Husband

Round two, I felt like I was in a boxing ring with my second marriage.  Somebody, please ring the bell and tell me it’s all over.

I was still young and hopeful that marriage would work for me a second time.  The problem is this marriage would fall flat on its face also.

I remember the first time I saw him, I had went with my girlfriend to pick him up from the airport.  She had dated him previously but they were just friends at this time.  We were waiting for his arrival and chatting like young girls do and then, there he was coming towards us.  He was so handsome and debonair, stylish, there was just something about him.  I was just checking him out wondering why my friend had threw that fish back into the pond, he looked like such a catch.  But you know what they say about looks and how they can be deceiving…

It was probably about a year later, that I ran into Mitchell again, I started working a second job and he worked there also.  We started out chatting and hanging out and one thing lead to another and the next thing I knew we were an item.  Like I said, Mitchell had a way about him, he was a good manipulator and before I knew it he had swept me off of my feet.  He was really good at making you think you were so special and you were the one.

Our relationship continued to develop over the next year.  Mitchell had got a job offer in Sarasota with the newspaper as an account executive, it was a really good opportunity for him.  His Godfather was the publisher of that newspaper where he had accepted the offer.  His father was also a publisher for a newspaper in North Carolina.  Mitchell really wanted to follow in their footsteps.  He already had one opportunity in North Carolina and blew it.  So this was his second chance to redeem and prove himself to his family that had been in the newspaper business for a very long time.

So we decided to move to Sarasota, it was easy for me to get a transfer since I worked in the medical field. The only problem was I had to take a 3 to 11 shift and Mitchell worked the day shift, so we barley had anytime for each other.

I was so lonely, I didn’t know anyone and it is a little bit difficult to make a lot of friends in Sarasota.  Sarasota is a seasonal area and people are transient.  So, what does this lonely girl do?  I got a free cat from the newspaper.  The couple was having a baby and decided they didn’t want to have the cat.  It was a pretty cat, Prussian and Himalayan mix, all black…I should have know better as I am very superstitious.  I found out quickly the real reason the people were getting rid of the cat from hell.  That sucker would try and lay on my chest like it was trying to suffocate me and it started peeing all over the apartment.  It’s funny how people change their mind, they had told me if there was ever an issue they would take the cat back because they had her since she was a kitten.  Well, they avoided and and wouldn’t return my calls, finally I went back to their house and they flat out told me “NO, that cat was my problem”.  So, Mitchell had to take the cat to the no kill shelter for me, that was not something I could do.  It was very sad for me, although I was scared to death of that cat…especially at night.

Now, there I was in Sarasota, alone again and homesick.  It wasn’t long after we got there that the arguing and fighting started.  We were both being guilted by of our mothers about “living in sin” and not being married.  My grandmother (mom) said, “he has the cake and he is eating it too”.  We were not in a rush to get married, but we were not against it either as we thought this was we were heading.  Plus all couples have fights and argue, right?

The peer pressure of our mothers continued and eventually won, so we tied the knot.  This was my second mistake of my life that I would make when it came to marriage.  I was completely clueless, who Mitchell was and what I was getting myself into, I had never experienced physical abuse and I didn’t see it coming. The hurricane brewing and getting ready to make land fall.

You’re not alone, you are loved,

The Girl that was Abandon


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