Labor of Love

Labor of love, no wonder love packs a painful punch.  When you love, it is a laborious job and it takes a lot of work.

Take childbirth for example, now I am definitely no expert when it comes to childbirth!  I have never had a child of my own, so I will tread lightly!  I can only write about what I have observed.   I only know what others have described as an intensity so painful that you think you are going to die from it.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like pushing a 6 to 12 pound bowling ball out of your vagina.  Yikes!  I don’t want to imagine that…let’s move pass that visual!  After all of that pain, panting, yelling, screaming, pushing, and all that labor, all that hard work pays off into one of the most beautiful things you can witness.  The labor of child birth can not be describe as nothing else but love.  (At least that is what I have witnessed.)

The amazing thing about the labor of childbirth is how that pain just fades away with love.  How your memory is overridden and the pain is replace with love and joy.  I can only assume that is what happens and why women all over the world will go through child birth, time and time again.

Now, let’s think about puppies, awe… there so cute when you get them!  So fun and snuggly that is into they start dropping those accidents all over the floor.  Especially, when they drop that bomb, right after you bring them back in side after waiting for them about an hour to do their business outside.  What about the whimpering at night when your trying to sleep? Oh No!  What about your personal items and furniture that they have chewed? That is so frustrating because sometimes you can’t replace what they destroyed or it takes a huge punch to your wallet.

Then one day after all your exhausting dog training, right about when your about to lose your sanity from trying to get this little creature to understand the human language of “NO”, your ready to give up …Bingo, it all comes together and you have a life long best friend.  This is the true definition of labor of love.  I know because I threaten my two little fur babies that if they didn’t stop going potty in the house, they were going to find a new home!  Who was I kidding?

What about our personal relationships?  They don’t come at easy price either! It is very hard because we all take everything so personal.  We can’t always understand how the other person feels and we can’t read peoples minds and all of their expectations.  That is way relationships of all kind, take a lot of hard work, patience and understanding.  Communication and conflict can be intense and exhausting when we do the work to resolve and make our relationships stronger.  All of the hard work can pay off because your relationship becomes stronger and so does your love.

Even when relationships expire, they were not all for nothing!  We loved and we learned because at one point there was something good, something loving.

You’re not alone, you are beautiful!


The Girl that was Abandon


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