Life Changes, So Do We…

Just what part of getting older is fun?  You know what I’m talking about, getting those gentle reminders in the mail from AARP, the thought that senior discounts might just apply… what are you to do?  Take your AARP, senior discounts just because you have earned it?  This is where the tables turn and instead of planning for your future, you start planning for your funeral.   Go ahead, get those affairs in order so you can enjoy your “Golden” years without worry that you may just end up in a pine box.  The funny part of life is it reverts…just like your parents took care of you when you were a baby, then live turns the tables on you and you become the caregiver.  Our parents become like our children and many times they revert to childhood ways.

Today, I can look back over the last 50 years of my life and I am in “AWE” of things that I would have never fathomed could have ever been a reality.  Here are some memories and changes I have seen in my lifetime.

I grew up in Florida, I remember as a small child that we didn’t have air conditioning in the house or car.  Now days, we can’t even imagine doing without this luxury for an hour.

I remember when you had to physically get up to turn the TV dial to change the channel, although there was only three channels available.  Now, you have 300+ channels at your fingertips.  That doesn’t include all of the streaming that is available.  The best part is you never have to leave your chair.  You can watch TV from anywhere, plus don’t forget TV’s are now smart!

I remember when I went to Disney World for the first time in 1976, the cost of a was $6.00 and today the cost is now $119.  People don’t think twice about spending that kind of money for a day in Mickey’s world.

What about music?  In my life time we have went from vinyl records to eight tracks, to cassettes, to CD’s, to MP3 players, to Ipods, to streaming on any mobile device.

Now, what about the good old telephone, remember the cord that was attached to the wall?  We had  party lines where we could hear the other people talking and would have to wait to make a call.  There was no such thing as a cell phone, let alone a smart phone so when you needed to make a call you  when you were out and about you would actually have to stop your car to use a phone booth.  Now, we can do anything we want from the palm of our hand with that phone that is smarter than most people.

These are just a very few things that have changed over the last 50 years, not to mention all of the businesses that have come and gone!

See, the thing is nothing ever stays the same, not time, not us, and not our surroundings.  It is important not to take things for granted and enjoy life because in a blink it can be gone.  Go ahead, let out your inner child and go live life to the fullest!

You’re not alone, you are loved,

The Girl that was Abandon




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