Man’s Best Friend Never Abandons


Man’s best friend never abandons, always loves unconditional.  As I continue on this quest to fill the holes of my soul, to try in feel complete with gaps of unknown and uncertainly where life is going to take me, my true and steady best friends are my two little dogs.

Do you have that one friend, that just never stops talking about that problem, doesn’t even stop to catch a breath?  They just can’t seem to move past the problem.  You know it is not healthy for them to keep on and on about this problem,  be careful because we have all been the friend  that I am talking about at least one time in our life, if not more.

I know sometimes I can be a handful, a lot of the time I feel like I am beating a dead horse and I am sure some of my truest friends would love to turn a deaf ear to me.  I really think the reason that sometimes we keep talking about a situation is because it is so painful.  We think that venting about our problem, hurts and hang ups will elevate some of the pain in our hearts.  I know I have been guilty on more occasions than I want to admit that I have been the record playing that keeps skipping.

The sad thing is all of this talking doesn’t relieve any of our pain.  It takes time to process the hurt and allow healing to begin and that is okay.  Many of us think, we have to be strong and move on quickly and feel no pain.   I think we have too high of expectations for ourselves and when we deal with these issues, by confiding in a friend and we are suppose to feel better and it is done and over with, the only people we are disappointing is ourself with those unrealistic expectations.

That is what is so great about man’s best friend, no matter what kind of mood I am in, what I am going through they just continue to love me unconditional.  There is no better love than from an animal, they never judge you or the decisions you make.  They just continue to love you through the good bad and ugly. They never get tired of listening to you and when that tear drop falls, you can bet man’s best friend will be right there to comfort you.  They will always love you and never abandon you…

You’re not alone, you are loved,

The Girl that was Abandon



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