The Response


When I wrote all those letters to my family, attaching proof of a DNA test to proved my biological mother had lied all those years…I was just looking for acknowledgement from my family for me and my Grandmother.

On March 19, 2007 a response was mailed to me regarding the DNA findings from my Grandmother’s sister, my Great Aunt.  This is the only response…

Dear Susan,

Received the letter you sent, I’m so sorry you felt you had to send me that DNA test.  The reason I say that is because you don’t know me and have no idea how I felt or what I had said.  To let you know my side I will say, that to me you were always Mona’s daughter, giving birth doesn’t make you a mom!  But I know Mona was a wonderful mother.  And I had heard a few things a while I’d be home in Indiana.  But I’m not one who likes to gossip and will walk away from people who do.  I always said if Mona wants me to know anything she will tell me.  So as far as me knowing very much at all about this whole thing is just that.  I know VERY little and want to keep it that way!

Susan I’m sorry for what you say you had to go through.  I never knew any of this.  Also I do love you and hope to get to know you in the future.  May God Bless and kept you safe.  Love Aunt Jean

Now, I really didn’t know how to take this response.  See, my Aunt lived in Tennessee and we lived in Florida and our family originated out of Indiana so there was a distance between us.  The only time I really seen her was when I was growing up.  We seen her when we went to visit family in Indiana, family reunions or at funerals.  I had been to her house a few times. No, she might not have know me well, nor did I her…but we did know each other and did spend some time together.  I respect her the most, but I don’t buy the whole response because this was a dirty secret that went on for 39 years within our family.

My biological mother stayed in contact with her Grandmother and a few other family members and that is how the secret spread.  I don’t even really consider it as gossip as my biological mother was putting it out there as truth.  My Great Aunt knew her sister didn’t give birth to me, and she knows her niece, my biological mother wasn’t in the picture, just makes me go hum…

Like I said, I really don’t know how much truth about is in my Great Aunt’s response but I do respect her for responding, it is more than I got from anyone else.  I had considered trying to go visit her and get to know her better but she died from cancer within the year that she responded to me.  So, we never got a chance to truly get to know each other, so I would really know how I felt about her response.

You’re not alone, you are loved,

The Girl that was Abandon



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