When The Cat’s Away, The Mouse Will Play…

I am sure you have heard that old play on words “When the Cat’s Away the Mouse Will Play”, that was exactly what my third husband decided to do!  My ex-husband seemed to really like to have his fun while I was working…

At that time in my life, my job required me to travel occasionally out of town, overnight for few days to attend business meetings.  My ex-husband thought this was his ticket to freedom to live the bachelor life. Just like any other trip, I packed my bags, headed to the airport, boarded the plane and was off to “New Orleans” to work.  I was clueless to what was about to happen at home while I was gone.

My business trip was the usual, business meetings all day long, then business dinner, back to my hotel, a quick call home to my husband to tell him “Good Night” and “I Love You”, shower and fall off to sleep to do it all over again the next day.  I had no idea that when I hung up the phone with my husband, that he would turn into the mouse while I was away…

Just like any other business trip, it would come to an end and I would board the plane and return home.  It was such a routine, the plane lands, get the bags, find the car, pay for parking and hit the road for home…

I arrived home while my husband should have been at work.  When I went inside our house, something really felt strange. I went to the back patio to check on my dogs.  My dogs acted liked they hadn’t seen anyone for days.  I let them outside and went back inside the house where I started noticing that there had been some kind of party at the house.  This wasn’t your normal party with a house full of people.  No, that was not my ex-husband’s style as he was an loner, an introvert that really didn’t like people.  What I found was, alcohol and porn laying around…strange because he knew I would be home that day so why wouldn’t he have removed the evidenced?  I was like, what the hell has been going on?

Then in the midst of my confusion, I got a phone call and it was Dr. Office where  I was scheduled for a MRI and they were asking if I could come in that evening, since they had a cancellation.  I told them yes and that I would be on my way, because I had been suffering from severe knee pain.  I left a note for my husband so he would know where I was.  Remember this was not the time period where cell phones were at everyones disposal.  I got in my car and was backing out of the drive and there he was…my husband on foot, walking along the road towards the house.  My first thought was, why was he walking and where was his truck?  Those were my first questions when I pulled my car over.  I was shocked at his answer.  My trust broken again by this man.

You’re not alone, you are loved,

The Girl that was Abandon

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